Our Services

Accident damage

Accident damage to fibreglass bodies.

Repairs to GRP fibreglass

Repairs to GRP fibreglass insulated laminated cooler bodies

Commercial vehicle body

Commercial vehicle body conversions into cooler bodies. (Sprinter, Iveco etc.)

Installation of sound systems

Installation of sound systems to address large crowds in mobile equipment

Design and manufacturing

Design and manufacturing of special events trailers (Roadshows) for product promotions and events

Total upgrading

Total upgrading and modernization of old trailers to modern design and standards.

Supply of fibreglass

Supply of fibreglass skin and composite panels


Sandblasting. (Wetblast)

Repairs of accident damage

Repairs of accident damage

Panelbeat and respray

Panelbeat and respray of trucks in any modern colour


Replacement of trailer skid plates and kingpins.

Suspensions and brakes

Refurbisment and repairs to suspensions and brakes.

Refurbishment and repairs

Refurbishment and repairs of trailer chassis, upper structure and respray.

Repairs to truck bodies

Repairs to truck bodies, dropsides, cooler and load bodies.

Manufacturing and repairs

Manufacturing and repairs of trailers and upper structures